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Il pianeta visto dallo spazio: nelle zone artiche l’aumento di temperatura è doppio rispetto altre zone

by legambiente on luglio 31st, 2019

Riportiamo dal sito di Science Alert  l’articolo “Wildfires Ravaging The Arctic Right Now Are So Intense, You Can See Them From Space” che inizia così:

Carly Cassella,  26 JUL 2019

The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, and after the hottest June ever recorded on Earth, the region is literally on fire.

From Greenland to Siberia to Alaska, huge swathes of flame and smoke are wrapping themselves around the upper Northern Hemisphere of our planet, like a suffocating scarf.

Impressive extent of heavy smoke across much of central Russia/Siberia, Alaska & Canada from numerous intense boreal & shows up in latest Atmosphere Monitoring Service aerosol optical depth forecast


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